Cruise details

  • Jour 1 - Join Oniros at Capo d’Orlando, settle in on board
  • Jour 2 - Capo d’Orlando to Vulcano - 3hrs30 cruising, lunchtime anchorage at Gelso, then onward to Porto di Levante or Porto di Ponente
  • Jour 3 - Morning hike (4hrs) to visit “Gran Cratere”, well-earned, relaxing mud bath at the “Terme di Vulcano“ or cycle ride to Vulcanello in the afternoon
  • Jour 4 - Vulcano to Lipari - 1hr30 cruising, lunchtime anchorage, visit in town, Museo Archeologico Eoliano
  • Jour 5 - Lipari to Filicudi – 4hrs cruising, night at anchor, weather permitting
  • Jour 6 - Filicudi to Alicudi – 2hrs30 cruising, night at anchor, weather permitting
  • Jour 7 - Alicudi to Salina – 4hrs30 cruising, lunchtime anchorage at La Grotta del Bue Marina (Filicudi), weather permitting
  • Jour 8 - Salina to Stromboli – 4hrs30 cruising
  • Jour 9 - Stromboli – free day followed by volcano ascent with a volcanologist guide at the end of the day (3hrs there, 2hrs back)
  • Jour 10 - Stromboli to Panarea - 3hrs cruising
  • Jour 11 - Panarea to Lipari – 2hrs30 cruising
  • Jour 12 - Lipari to Capo d’Orlando - 4hrs cruising, anchorage at Vulcano
  • Jour 13 - Disembarkation and transfer


  • The Route of the Volcanos - Vulcano, Aliduci, Salina and mythical Stromboli
  • Glistening & chic Panarea - whitewashed settlements, sparkling coves and the terraced village of San Pietro
  • Filicudi and Alicudi - remote and untouched natural beauty on the westernmost edge of the Aeolian archipelago
  • Salina - green and fertile, independent and scenically enchanting. Known to the ancient Greeks as Didyma, Salina also tempts with its sweet Malvasia wine
  • Lipari – classic Italian elegance. Strewn with pumice and obsidian stones, its hinterland is covered in diverse vegetation


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